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Wednesday, 19 January 2022



Small and multi functional household scale, the cheapest G&G-scale that can be used with main power supply and a setting menue in which the automatic shutoff timer can be deavicated. Perfect kitchen scales for the most private customers. Available in 4 different models:

KF501:     Up to 500g in very accurate 0,01g steps.
KF3000:   Up to 3000g in 0,1g-Schritten
KF6000:   Multifunctional scale with 4 different readout ranges: Below 600g = 0,1g | 600g - 1200g = 0,2g | 1200g - 3000g = 0,5g | 3000g - 6000g = 1g
KF10K      Up to 10kg in 1g steps.

The series for the most demanding home users with many adjustment options and very reliable design. Also as letter scale in companies in use. Powered by AC adapter or AA batteries, available in versions:

KF15KA: Up to 15kg in 1g readout steps
KF15KB: Multifunctional scale, up to 3kg in 0,1g | up to 15kg in 1g steps
KF25KB: 25kg in 1g steps