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Tuesday, 18 January 2022


KF3000A & KF6000A

Das Vorschaubild wird erst in der fertigen Auktion angezeigt!

G&G Household scale

KF-Series is a multifunctional scale, available in 4 versions. All scales have the functions: TARE (Set to "0"), COUNT and 6 weight units: g, kg, lb, oz, otz, ct. They come with a 230V adapter and also can be used with 4 * 1,5V AA battery. In the advanced settings you can change the reaction speed and the timer for the automatic shutoff, between 15 minutes to 1 hour for energy savings or you can disable the automatic shutdown completely.
It is designed for the occasional use of demanding home users, yet based on the know-how and technology of our professional models and the best possible value for money.



The most sold KF. It has 4 different readout steps with a total capacity of 6kg.

If a small item is on the scale (between 1g and 600g) the weight will be calculated with a very high accuuracy of 0,1g.
Between 600g - 1200g the scale works in still accurate 0,2g readout steps.
Between 1,2kg - 3kg in 0,5g
If u exceed 3kg it works up to 6kg in 1g, that you usually find in normal kitchen scales.

So, this scale can be 10 times more accurate than a regular kitchen scale, without any drawbacks due to a small measuring range. 

Measuring a weight of 101,0g in an accuracy of 0,1g:

Or a bigger weight of 5101g with 1g-accuracy.


 Between 1g and 3000g it works in 0,1g. If you do not need the 6kg capacity of the KF6000, this would be your best choice.


A series with a measuring range of only 500g, but with even finer 0,01g readout steps.



No fine measuring range, but a capacity of 10kg. It works in 1g-steps in the full measuring area.


Unlike most household scales, this does not switch off after a few minutes, but if you want it!

Nevertheless, the KF scale is of course designed for energy-save use. As soon as the display jumps to "0" after removing a weight or if the and the weight has not changed for several seconds, the energy-saving mode is activated and the backlight in the display switches off. The consumption of the scale now drops to only approx. 0.3 W. As soon as you place something on the weighing surface, the balance activates again and shows you the result in the illuminated display.





Tare function: To tare the scale, for example after you have set up an empty tray and now want to measure the content, press TARA. The balance jumps back to "0g" and you can fill in the ingredient. Of course, this weighting works as often as you like (as long as the total mass applied, such as bowl and contents, is within the maximum capacity of the scale) and also in the negative range.

This is handy if you want to take 100g from a large pack. Just put the full pack on the scale, tap TARE shortly and it will jump to "0". Now you take the needed amount and the balance shows you the weight removed as "-100g".


Weighing Units: Use the UNIT button to toggle the display between grams (g), kilograms (kg) and ounces (oz). The balance then automatically converts.


Count function: Place 1, 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces of a known reference number on the scale and activate the function via the PCS key. Based on the piece weight, the balance then automatically calculates the correct number when adding or removing more pieces. 


The balance is therefore ideally suited for all applications where a very fine result is just as important as a large measuring range. No matter if you want to mix small amounts of pigments with paints, create your own cosmetics with high-quality oils or, as a barista, you need water and coffee pills in the correct ratio for the perfect espresso pleasure.