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Tuesday, 18 January 2022


KF-K Series, with models up to 25kg capacity

Das Vorschaubild wird erst in der fertigen Auktion angezeigt!


The cheapest version, with 1g-steps and 15kg-capacity.

Version with 15kg capacity and a fine-measuring range below 3kg. If you place a weight with less than 3000g, it can be measured with very fine 0,1g steps. If more than 3kg are placed on the scale, the readout swiches to 1g-steps and you can weight for a total of 15kg capacity.

Version with the biggest measuring range, up to 25kg in 1g steps.





The electronic scales KF-K series are multi-function bench scales, designed for the occasional use of demanding home users and yet based on the know-how and the technology of our professional models and thereby achieved the best value for money.

Due to the large measuring range, the balance is ready for all tasks, regardless of whether you place a large bowl for 20 portions of potato salad directly on the scale for the next family celebration or send out a heavier package every now and then.

KF-K also provides very good services when it comes to crafting, hobby beer brewing, reliable scales for baking bread and many other tasks.



The case of the scale is made of sturdy ABS plastic, on the bottom are 4 height-adjustable feet attached with which you can align the balance perfectly. Use on a slightly uneven surface is therefore no problem.

The scale is delivered with a large weighing surface made of stainless steel with a diameter of over 24 cm, which is placed on a strong hold.

For easy cleaning, you can easily remove them.

Load cell and weight determination


Depending on the version, the scale works either in 1g readout steps, or by the multi-range technology of the strain gauge sensor in the KF-15-KB in the area in which it matters even in very fine 0.1g steps, making it 10 times just like other household scales, without having to worry about loss of maximum capacity.


A small application example what this means for the KF15KB:

When weighing the ingredients of your recipes when using a kitchen scale, you can first set a bowl or mixing bowl to "0" with the TARE function. Now you start adding light ingredients like salt, spices or yeast and the scale can measure this weight very precisely with the very fine 0.1g readability until there are 3000g on the scale (Minimum weight that has to be placed so the scale can show a weight = 1g). As soon as you reach a weight of 3001g, the scale determines the weight in 1g steps. Now, you can add further ingredients like flour or water, for which a 1g-accuracy is accuracy enough.




The cheaper KF15KA works in 1g steps, if you appreciate the functions and the reliability of the balance, but the result does not need to be on 0,1g exact, this is the right model.
But please keep in mind that this scale needs a minimum weight of 10g to show something in the display, if you place a single 1g weight on a KF15KA the Display will stay at "0".

Energy Supply

If you like, the balance goes off in battery mode after 15 minutes, but only if you want it!
Unlike most household scales, this does not switch off after a few minutes. And if this relatively long shutdown time is not enough for you, you can extend it to up to 60 minutes, just in case so when you use the scale with 4 * AA Battery they dont run empty. When using the main power supply by the 6V-adaptor, you can also keep the balance permanently active and deactivate the automatic shut off completely.

Display and Functions

Nevertheless, the KF scale is of course designed for the most energy-efficient use and installed a self-luminous LED display.

The luminosity of the numbers in the LED-Display can be changed by the brightness key, it can be lowered to reduce the energy consumption in battery usage or increased if you are using the scale in a bright room.

In addition, you can use the UNIT key to indicate in which unit the weight is displayed; the balance can automatically convert the result into grams (g), kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb).

TARE-Key can of course be used to set the display to "0" after placing a container on the plateframe.






Display and Functions


Download Data-Sheet as PDF