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Friday, 12 August 2022


Plateframe scales

"Platform scale" is the generic term for all scales where the platform (the part of the balance on which you place the object) is separated from the display unit in which you can read the weight or can be separated.

For this, there are 2 main reasons:

1.: If a large object overhangs the edge of the plateframe, you still can read the weight in the display comfortably.
This is important for weighing parcels or other big items. The scales plateframe does not need to be as big as your box, they can easily overhang on all sides, on the display in one meter distance you still can read the weight. 

2.: It also allows you to set up the display at a "safe" distance from the work area. If during mixing a bucket with 2K coating tips over on the scale, a display on a higher position remains undamaged.

We offer a large variety of platform scales from different price ranges. Starting at cheap models for occasionally parcel shipments to computer controlled industrial platform scales that measure up to 200kg with 1g readout or capacities of 600kg. 


If you need a scale for a specific task, klick here to download an overview of all available models:

Datasheet Overview of the series


Scale with compact 25cm * 25cm weighing surface and Bluetooth.

Available in versions:
DJ100SA: 100kg with 20g increments + fine measuring range of 10g increments (from 0.1kg to 5kg)
DJ200SA: 200kg with 50g increments + fine measuring range of 20g increments (from 0.2kg to 10kg)

The favorable basic model with large platform, available in the versions:


PSB75 - 100g to 5kg in 10g readout-steps, 5kg to 75kg in 20g steps

PSB150 - 200g to 10kg in 20g steps, 10kg to 150kg in 50g steps

PSB300 - 500g to 20kg in 50g steps, 20kg to 300kg in 100g steps

PSB300B - 500g to 75kg in 20g steps, 75kg to 150kg in 50g steps, 150kg to 300kg in 100g steps

The DJ-SB is an extension of our PSB, which has been proven for 10 years. Platform and measurement technology are identical, the difference is only in the display.
Instead of the sensitive LCD, we have installed an LED display panel.

Available as: 

DJSB-75 - 100g to 5kg in 10g readability steps, 5kg to 75kg in 20g increments

DJSB-150 - 200g to 10kg in 20g increments, 10kg to 150kg in 50g increments

DJSB-300 - 500g to 20kg in 50g increments, 20kg to 300kg in 100g increments

DJSB-300B - 500g to 75kg in 20g increments, 75kg to 150kg in 50g increments, 150kg to 300kg in 100g increments

Compact platform scale with weighing surface in A4 sheet size (30 * 22 cm). Due to the big fine-measuring range those scales have very low minimum weight (at PSE30 = 10g, it can start measuring the weight as less as  2 sheets of paper, while still having 30kg capacity).
This scale is perfect for use as a letter scale, with occasional weighings of bigger parcels. 

PSE30: Up to 10kg in 1g-readout steps, above 10kg up to 30kg in 2g-steps. Minimum weight: 10g
PSE45: Up to 20kg in 2g-readout steps, above 20kg up to 45kg in 5g-steps. Minimum weight: 20g

Reliable platform scale with a wide range of applications. As package scale in the warehouse, on construction sites for mixing 2K coatings or as personal scale in the bathroom.


Available in versions:

PSE75:     Between 0,05kg up to 25kg in 5g-steps, above up to 75kg in 10g-steps
PSE150:     Between 0,1kg up to 50kg in 10g-steps, above up to 150kg in 20g-steps
PSE200:     Between 0,1kg up to 50kg in 10g-steps, above up to 200kg in 20g-steps
PSE300:     Between 0,2kg up to 100kg in 20g-steps, above up to 300kg in 50g-steps

Extension of the PSE, with stand for the display, Bluetooth, LED display and a more accurate load cell.

Available in versions:

DJ30KL      Starting at 0,01kg up to 30kg with 1g readout
DJ75KL      Starting at 0,02kg up to 750kg with 2g readout
DJ150KL    Starting at 0,05kg up to 150kg with 5g readout
DJ300KL    Starting at 0,1kg up to 300kg with 10g readout


Like all TC series, the TC-KL series is designed for frequent use in the commercial or industrial sector.
The scales plateframe is based on our standard 32 cm * 38 cm platform which is also used in the PSE or DJ-KL. This is equipped with a higher quality load cell, that allows less tolerances but still a  higher life time.
Also the displays case is identical to the PSE series, but with a higher-quality and more accurate electronics. Both together, allows faster and more accurate measurement, with lower tolerances.


Available versions:

TC30KL From 0.01kg to 30kg with 1g

TC60KL From 0.02kg to 60kg with 2g

TC120KL From 0.05kg to 120kg with 5g

The biggest plateframe scale from G&G with  50 * 40 cm weighing plate.
Very sturdy construction, the net weight of the scale itself is 18 kg with a very strong die-cast aluminum frame. All TC-K use the same body that is designed for the 600kg-version, also if you choose a much more accurate TC with just 60kg capacity. 

Internal battery for min. 36 operating hours, charging or permanent mains operation via 230V with IEC plug. The data can be output via the RS232 interface, Bluetooth adapter optional.

Available in various versions, with readout steps starting at 1g for up to 200kg or for 600kg in 100g-steps.



Water and dustproof platform scale, different versions up to max. 60kg, 150kg or 300kg