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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


Parcel scales of the PSB series (75 kg, 150 kg and 300 kg)


The platform scales of the PSB has been developed for semi-professional use cases like occasional parcel shipments of up to 10 parcels each day or as a very reliable personal scale.
The plateframe with a size of 40 x 40 cm is made of solid casted aluminum. This ensures that the scale is light and sturdy to equal. Due to the low weight of about 5 kg, the scale is also often used mobile. 

The separate display can be fastened to a wall with the help of the wall mount, the cable in between measures 1.5 meter.


Using the table below, you can gain a first insight into the technical characteristics of the PSB series and the differences in the individual versions.


Scale PSB75 PSB150 PSB300 PSB300B
Weighing Range 75 Kg 150 Kg 300 Kg 75 Kg | 150 Kg | 300 Kg
Readout (1 readout step = 1d) 10 g < 5 Kg > 20 g 20 g < 10 Kg > 50 g 50 g < 20 Kg > 100 g 20 g < 75 | 50 g < 150 Kg | 100 g < 300 Kg
Tara Range 75 Kg 150 Kg 300 Kg 300 Kg
 Linearity ± 5 * d ± 5 * d ± 5 * d ± 5 * d
 Reproducibility ± 2 * d ± 2 * d ± 2 * d ± 2 * d
 Minimum weight*: 100g 200g 500g 200g
 Settling time: < 4 s < 4 s < 4 s < 4 s
Warm-up time ** 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Calibration weight *** 50kg 100kg 200kg 200kg

*Minimum weight that is required for the scale to show a weight.
Example: Place 0.01 kg on an empty PSB75 = display remains at 0. 
If already 1kg are placed: Add 0.01kg, the Display can now show 1.01kg.

** The scale needs about 10 seconds to boot and afterwards can directly show big weight changes, but there might be higher tolerances. Small weight changes of less than 10d might not be shown.

*** The scale comes pre-calibrated and ready to use. This weight is required if you want to calibrate the scale again at the local conditions or if the scale uses its accuracy in the coming years.

 Download technical data sheet as PDF


Please note that the PSB still needs a solid and flat surface. On soft ground like carper or on uneven surface the results may differ. For this use cases, please check out the PSE or DJ-KL. Also, this scale is not suited for long term measuements with tiny weight changes (for example: Placing a full barrel on the scale that will be emptied within some weeks while watching "live" how much liquid is inside).