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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


PSE- Versions up to 45kg


Depending on the version, the scale measures up to a maximum of 30kg or 45kg and has 2 measuring ranges.

Example with the PSE-30:

If less than 10kg are placed on the scale, the calculation is done in very fine 1g steps. From 10kg to 30kg heavier items are determined in 2g steps. The minimum load is only 10g (about 2 sheets of paper).

Design Type:

Weighing surface with 30 * 22 cm (about DIN A4 size, perfect for letters or small parcels). Larger packages can overhang on each side, the separate display can be placed in 1,5 meter distance and can be attached by the mount to a wall above the scale.
Platform: Solid cast aluminum frame with integrated mechanical overload protection. A single stain gauge load cell. Covered with impact-resistant black plastic, removable weighing platform from ABS.
Stainless steel cover for the weighing surface can be ordered as an option.


Tare, unit change kg or lb, display backlight, piece count function with reference numbers (1,10,20,50,100).
Advanced settings menu with deactivatable automatic shutdown and adjustable vibration filters. Disabled: very fast weight determination for dosages. At highest value: Filters out Environmental disturbances due to vibration at the table, For small animals that might move on the plateframe a mean value calculation from several seconds.


Technical details:


Download PDF-Datasheet

PSE30: Up to 10kg in 1g readout steps, from 10kg to 30kg in 2g steps. Minimum weight: 10g

PSE45: Up to 20kg in 2g readout steps, from 20kg to 45kg in 5g steps. Minimum weight: 20g