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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


PSE - Versionen with max. between 75kg & 300kg capacity

Reliable platform scale with a wide range of applications. As package scale in the warehouse, on construction sites for mixing 2K coatings or as personal scale in the bathroom.

 Available in versions:

PSE75:     Between 0,05kg up to 25kg in 5g-steps, above up to 75kg in 10g-steps
PSE150:     Between 0,1kg up to 50kg in 10g-steps, above up to 150kg in 20g-steps
PSE200:     Between 0,1kg up to 50kg in 10g-steps, above up to 200kg in 20g-steps
PSE300:     Between 0,2kg up to 100kg in 20g-steps, above up to 300kg in 50g-steps

Platform with external display (all parts are interchangeable); Substructure made of high quality cast aluminum; Weighing area: 320 x 380 mm stainless steel
Illuminated LCD display; Tare function; Operation via AA batteries and power supply; Adjustable automatic switch-off function (15/30/45/60 min. / Always on)






Datenblatt PSE:

Download link PDF for technical details