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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


DJ-KL Bluetooth plateframe scale


The DJ-KL is an extension to the existing PSE series and is based on the same 32 cm * 38 cm platform.

The scale is equipped with a more precise load cell cell and allows, for example, to weight up to 75kg in 5g steps.
The comparable PSE75 has two measuring ranges: Up to 25kg, the weight can also be measured in 5g steps, but above this weight the scale jumps to 10g steps (twice as unaccurate as the DJ75KL).


Also, the scale is now equipped with Bluetooth, a detailed explanation for the Bluetooth interface can be found in the download area.


On the backside of the plateframe a stand for the Display is installed. The scope of delivery always includes a 25cm rod (shown above), a 50cm rod is optionally available.

If the tripod is not needed, you do not need to use it. The display holder that is placed on the tripod is the normal metal display included with the PSE. This can be easily attached to the wall or to the packing table as usual. The connection cable between the display and the platform measures just under 1 meter, but can be easily supplemented with an RS232 extension cable available anywhere.

The foot for the stand is located on the back of the platform and can not be removed. However, it is located below the weighing surface, the rod is pulled out of the foot you still can easily weigh bigger boxes that are larger than the plateframe itself.











Download Manual + Technical Details as PDF