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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


TC-KL Plateframe scale


Like all TC series, the TC-KL series is designed for frequent use in the commercial or industrial sector.
The scales plateframe is based on our standard 32 cm * 38 cm platform which is also used in the PSE or DJ-KL. This is equipped with a higher quality load cell, that allows less tolerances but still a  higher life time.
Also the displays case is identical to the PSE series, but with a higher-quality and more accurate electronics. Both together, allows faster and more accurate measurement, with lower tolerances.


Available versions:

TC30KL From 0.01kg to 30kg with 1g

TC60KL From 0.02kg to 60kg with 2g

TC120KL From 0.05kg to 120kg with 5g


Frequent uses are QM in production, when large quantities of ready-packed sets are checked for completeness on a daily basis. With the readability of e.g. 1g at 30kg measuring range, you not only get the package weight of a finished package, but you recognize immediately whether a part of a set was forgotten or something wrong was packed. For comparison, a missing sheet of paper weighs 5g, an AA alkaline battery about 20g.


The TC-KL also serves well when dosing different ingredients.





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