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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


TC-K Plateframe scale

The biggest plateframe scale from G&G with  50 * 40 cm weighing plate.
Very sturdy construction, the net weight of the scale itself is 18 kg with a very strong die-cast aluminum frame. All TC-K use the same body that is designed for the 600kg-version, also if you choose a much more accurate TC with just 60kg capacity. 

Internal battery for min. 36 operating hours, charging or permanent mains operation via 230V with IEC plug. The data can be output via the RS232 interface, Bluetooth adapter optional.

Available in various versions, with readout steps starting at 1g for up to 200kg or for 600kg in 100g-steps.

The data can be output via the RS232 interface.

Scales based on the TC series:

Stainless steel, IP67 protection

The normal TC scale is designed for frequent and hard use, but in the basic version NOT IP-protected (IP = NEMA).

Some dirt or liquid on the platform is not a problem, but the balance is not designed for permanent use in damp or very dusty environments. For this application, we recommend the series TC-KSB, the structure consists entirely of stainless steel.
The display is from ABS and sealed, as well as all connections. By this construction the scale does not just withstand wet envoronments, but in battery mode with sealed charging plug you can actually work under water (IP67 = 1 meter under water for 1 hour). Perfect for usages in food industry where an easy and fast possibility to clean the scale is as important as reliable measuement results.


Counting scale TJ-KY:


Each TC already has a simple counting function that lets you handle occasional counting tasks well.
You have to hang up 10 pieces and select from the menu, which is 10 pieces. If you add now a far, the new number is calculated.


If you use the scale mainly for counting, we recommend the counting scale TJ-KY. It is the same platform as in the standard version TC, which comes with a more elaborate display. There you will see in three displays at the same time the total weight, the number of pieces and the average weight of each component.

The weight is recorded using the numeric keypad on the keyboard, which allows you to type either the piece weight or the number of resting parts directly. This greatly facilitates and speeds up the setup of the counting function.


 Datenblatt Baureihe TC