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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


TC-KS Series, Dust & Waterproof plateframe scale (IP67)

The TC-KSB series is a further scale, based on the proven TC platform scales.
The base of the scale consists of a welded frame made of stainless steel with a removeable stainless steel surface.

The display with a case from ABS is placed on a stainless steel stand. The bright LED digits are shining in red colour.
On the back of the display are the sealed connections for the connection to the platform and for the power supply to charge the built-in 4,5 Ah battery. A single battery charge provides enough energy for about 40 hours of use. The Battery is charged automaticly when the adaptor is plugged in, a full charge takes about 10 hours. If there is no risk that the display gets wet during this time, the scale also could be used in power supply directly from the AC/DC adaptor or in permanent main power. 


When the charging socket is sealed, the entire scale is watertight and therefore not only suitable for direct use in damp rooms, but also for applications such as those in the meat industry where a simple and thorough cleaning of the balance is a very important feature. After work, the entire balance can be washed off under running water.


The platform is 40cm * 50cm big enough for all tasks and also offers larger and protruding boxes sufficient support.

The TC-KSB incorporates a very robust and durable load cell with a very sensitive strain gauge sensor.

This is corner load compensated and protected against overloads both by a warning in the display as well as by a mechanical device.



Data sheet with all technical information

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