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Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Precision scales, laboratory scales and bench scales

Professional scales from G & G:

Most of our customers today know us through the low-budget household scales, but these are just a few of the models that we used to complement our range almost 10 years ago. 
The development of our brand started here, with the professional digital precision balances.

All of the following scales are designed for daily use, differ greatly in terms of equipment and uses.


If you are looking for a scale for a specific application (for example, all under-balance or battery-powered scales), the following PDF provides an overview of how to differentiate the models:

 Download PDF: Datasheet for Comparison



A short introduction to all series named below. For 

Series T & T-Y:


The T series has a toggle switch to turn it on and exactly one function: Tare
The scale is designed for frequent, fast and reliable weighing for a low price and shows the weight as gram, easy to use and perfect when no complicated functions are required.

Series T

The T-Y uses the same weighing technology than the T-Series is and is made for a similar case of use, but is also equipped with a battery case for mobile operations (4 * type C Battery).
When using the scale stationary, it can also be used with the 6V adapter on main power supply.

Series T-Y


EY Series & E-KY Series

All scales of the EY series can be operated with both main power supply and AA batteries. The larger scales of the E-KY series have a built-in 4 Ah battery that allows at least 36 hours of mobile work. This series is designed to be used as mobile laboratory balance. 

The weight of the EY can be read in 7 different weight units, in addition to metric grams (g) this is automatically converted into carats for diamonds (ct), ounces for English weights (oz), troy ounces for precious metals (ozt), grains for powders ( gr), pennyweight (dwt) and pound (lb).


The balances are available in various versions:

The "Basic" versions of the EY have the identical housing, function and control options (computer interface), but are kept simpler and available in versions up to 6kg / 1g (6000 readability steps). As "EY-Basic", the scale is priced slightly above the T series but well below the normal EY with e.g. 6000g / 0.1g (60,000 readability steps). This scales are additionally equipped with a level for perfect adjustment. The third option would be the scales with a more advanced weighing technology and allow up to 300.000 readability steps (like 300g/0,001g with big glass wind shield or 3000g/0,01g).
If you do not need such an accurate scale, but are searching for a bech scale in modern design with a big 300 * 220 mm weighing surface, E-KY is the correct model for you. All scales are equipped with an RS-232 interface.

EY Series


The E series is similar to the EY, designed for stationary use. The measurement technology is equal, E6000 for example uses the identical load cell than E6000Y. 
But: If you do not need the battery supply of EY series and you search for a scale for a local indoor use case with always a main power supply near the work place, we recommend a scale from this Series for the following reasons:

Compared to the EY series, the scale has a heavy, but more robust metal base from cast aluminum.
The display has been changed from LCD to LED. At indoor conditions both displays offer a good visibility, with a small plus for the LED and its self illuminated digits that are equally good readable from all directions. The biggest advantage this technology: It has proven to be more shock-resistant, expecially if something drops on top of the display by accident. 
Just in very bright environment conditions (outside in direct sunlight) the EY-Series and its LCD Display would be better to read. 

E Series

JJ & JJ-Y: 


Our proven JJ series does not look classic, it is. The series has been built unchanged for many years in its dark housing and has always been one of the most reliable scales at G & G, thanks to its fuse protected internal 230V power supply, the base of the scale as well as the internal mount support for the load cell with the mechanical overload protection made either from cast aluminum or steel, as well as the the durable and easy-to-read VFD display.
The weighing technology on the other hand, load cell and the electronic that calculates the weight, has of course been improved many times over the years and still is up to date.

In stationary use, we recommend the JJ, our JJ-Y forms a modification of the scale and is designed for a mobile use with identical functions, but lighter weight (plastic housing), LCD display and the possibility for battery operation.

Series JJ & JJ-Y


The JJ-A series is characterized by a robust and solid design with easy operator guidance. Accurate load cell (strain gauge technique), special circuit, self-developed MPU and downstream control system fully meet the requirements. The special feature of the series is the simple possibility of underfloor weighing and the optionally available set of frame and basin for easy density determination of larger objects, and despite the compact housing a measuring range up to 10kg.

In addition to the substructure made of cast aluminum, the load cell itself is installed in a metal housing. This guarantees a good shielding against electronic radiation.

Series JJ-A



Our standard laboratory balance: The readability of up to 300,000 individual measuring steps is our current limit with the DMS technology.

The housing of the scale with the encapsulated load cell corresponds to the JJ-A, but it is available in more accurate versions with up to 3000g in 0.01g readout steps, with a 170 * 195mm large weighing surface. Also available are scales with 0,001g (1mg) readout steps, up to a capacity of 300g.  Those models have have a large windscreen on top of the case.

Series JJ-B



Analytical balances with readability steps starting at 0.0001g using a  force compensation sensor (no strain gage load cell).
Available with external or internal automatic adjustment. 

Series JJ-BC & JJ-BF


Our TC bench scales are the largest models scales that we produce in compact design (Display attached to the scale), with a large weighing surface of 340 mm * 215 mm.
Available are models between 3kg and 30kg with readability between 0,1g and 5g.

The TC is the toughest of our bench scales and designed for stationary use, with 230V power, internal power supply, solid metal construction and a very durable yet easy-to-read LED display.

Series TC



This scale is similar to the normal TC, and designed to be used at mobile operations.
In comparison, a TC-H is slightly smaller (300 mm * 215 mm) and has in addition to the 230V connection (IEC connector at the scale and power cord that can be unplugged) an internal battery with 4 Ah for about 36 hours of independent operation time.

Series TC-H