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Tuesday, 18 January 2022


T Series

The T-Series has a basic design and is designed for classic weighing when no special functions are required. The full manual could be described as:

Plug in the cable to the main power supply, switch the toggle switch to "ON", place a weight on the scale and read the weight. 
If needed, use the TARE-Button to set the Display to "0" and a CAL-Button to calibrate the scale. 

Thats it.


But still, T-Series is one of the most reliable scales G&G can offer. The circuit with the internal AC-DC adaptor is designed for the best possible reliability, including protection with changeable device fuse.
The simple and intuitive operation avoids operating errors. The strain gauge load cell in this series is not designed for extremely accurate weight determination, but the focus is a very fast weight calculation, with very low tolerances and
a long service life.


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