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Wednesday, 19 January 2022


TY Series

The measuring technology of the TY series corresponds to the classic but simple model T ,. Like all "Y" series, the TY was additionally equipped with battery operation. The scale can be operated on the go with 4 * C batteries, these allow a very long life and larger intervals between the changes compared to small AA cells.


In addition, the T-series LED display has been replaced with an LCD display with backlight that can be activated. This is more energy efficient than the self-luminous LED digits. Alternatively, the balance can be operated with an external power supply (6V adapter).


Scales of the TY series are priced (approximately) identical to the T series, but we recommend this series only if it is intended to be used with the battery.

For a permanent stationary use with a nearby power outlet, we recommend the T, the power connection with grounded 3-pin IEC connector is more stable than a small pin and the cable from the adapter (cable break or a loose contact in the socket are the most common causes of faults in this series ).


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