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Wednesday, 19 January 2022


E Series

The E series is the cheapest version with the robust base made of cast aluminum, especially in the basic version with e.g. 6kg / 1g.
In the more expensive version with e.g. 6kg / 0,1g an adjusting level is additionally installed.


The balance is designed for stationary use, the power is supplied by a 6V adaptor. The measuring technology (load cell & evaluation electronics) are identical to the EY, also the price range of both series are nearly identical.
But, in practical daily usage and after some years of experience, due to the robust metal base, the better shielding against electronics and the at the durable LED display, that is much more shock resistant than the LCD-Display, the E-Series has proven to be more durable and reliable than the EY.

If you do not necessarily need the battery supply of the EY for a mobile usage and if your scale is only going to be used stationary in a place with mains connection, we recommend a balance from this series.



Technische Daten: E Basic-Version


Technische Daten - E Baureihe