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Tuesday, 18 January 2022



The analytical balance JJ-BC is a laboratory balance for exact determination of the weight in mg. By the glass windscreen external influences such as Draft are reduced to a minimum. The aluminum die-cast housing makes the analytical balance robust and stable. The illuminated LCD display enables easy reading of the weighing results, in grams and in all other important weight units.

Using the standard RS232 interface and optional software, you can transfer the weighing data from the analytical balance to a PC if required.


Available versions: Between 320g / 0.0001g and 3200g / 0.01g (depending on the model)


The electronic analytical balance JJ-BF is a professional laboratory balance based on the JJ-BC series. JJ-BF is additionally equipped with an automatic internal adjustment mechanism.
At a temperature change of> 1.5 ° C or after no later than 3 hours, an automatic adjustment is triggered and the balance is adjusted with a reference weight installed in the housing of the balance.
This allows reliable readings at any time and prevents e
rrors due to changes of the environmental conditions.


Available in variations between 120g / 0.0001g to 1500g / 0.001g (depending on model).