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Tuesday, 18 January 2022


JJ-BF - Analytical Balance with automatic internal calibration

The electronic analytical balance JJ-BF is a professional laboratory balance with the measuring principle of electromagnetic force compensation.

Available in variations between 120g / 0.0001g to 1500g / 0.001g (depending on model).



All balances of the JJ-BF series are equipped with an internal adjustment mechanism.

At a temperature change of> 1.5 ° C or after no later than 3 hours, an automatic adjustment is triggered and the balance is adjusted with a reference weight installed in the housing of the balance. 


This allows a significantly simplified handling with always reliable measured values compared to balances with external adjustment.

Difference between an external and an internal adjustment:

For an external adjustment, you must set up a special reference weight in the appropriate accuracy class, e.g. a 100g weight with a tolerance of less than 0.0001g (which, of course, must not be touched with your fingers, etc., as the moisture on your skin may already affect the weight). With this weight, the scale "learns" how to weigh 100g and adjusts itself correctly.


With precision and analytical balances, even the smallest changes in the environment can affect the measurement result, in particular the temperature (which, for example, has an effect on the resistance in the electrical components).

Therefore, it is important that you regularly readjust a balance. In an air-conditioned clean room with constant temperature this is rarely necessary. In a normal room, e.g. In the summer by the solar radiation or in the winter by the night reduction of the heating during the day heated this process would have to be repeated regularly, in order to obtain always constant measuring results. Each adjustment process means a disruption to your operations and long-term, correspondingly higher labor costs.

If the regular adjustment is neglected or forgotten, it can lead to a work result with increasingly false results.


The automatic adjustment mechanism of the JJ-BF operates time and temperature controlled.

If the balance detects a change in the ambient temperature of more than 1.5 ° C (or at the latest after 3 hours) the adjustment will be triggered automatically. You can end your current measuring process as usual, only after the balance is next "0" begins the adjustment.


You will see the message "CAL" in the display for about 30 seconds, immediately afterwards the scale is ready for use again.

Alternatively, you can immediately start the automatic adjustment with the push of a button, deactivate the automatic control and additionally adjust the balance with external test weights. 


The series distinguishes in particular:

  • electromagnetic force compensation technology & automatic internal adjustment
  • high precision, sensitivity and a fast settling time
  • selected, high-quality materials and an optimized power supply to ensure high reliability and long life.
  • robust base made of powder-coated cast aluminum.
  • easy-care, robust and stable metal housing with glass windscreen.
  • removable stainless steel weighing platform, leveling bar, height-adjustable feet.
  • external adjustment function, zero position search, counting function, tare function, density determination
  • 7 weight units (g, ct, ozt, oz, GN, dwt, lb).
  • large LCD display with green backlight, digit height 15 mm
  • RS232 data interface