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Wednesday, 29 June 2022


Datatransfer - Software & Manual | RS232 + Bluetooth


Manual Interface

Manual to connect your scale to your computer, smartphone or other device.
Bluetooth or RS232.


G&G Software (Free download)

This software you can used, to test the correct connection from your scale to your Windows-Computer.
It also can be used to remote control the scale by pressing "TARE" on your computer.
The revieved weight can later be imported to Microsoft Excel (or similar).

Hardware Requirements:
- CPU: Pentium 586 (or better)
- OS: WINDOWS 95 (or newer)
- Free COM-Port (either simulated by Bluetooth, RS232->USB Adapter or by a real RS232-Interface)


If you are going to connect your scale to your computer by RS232, please remember that this connection requires a NULL MODEM CABLE (like all RS232 connections which have "0 modems" between the device). Otherwise the connection will not work and the scale can not send the weight to the computer.

Also if the scale is connected by an USB->RS232 adapter, there either must be a "null modem cable" or a RS232 "null modem adapter" between the RS232 plug of the adapter and the RS232 interface at the scale: