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Sunday, 04 December 2022



Series: T, TY, EY + E-KY, E, JJ + JJ-Y, JJ-A, JJ-B, JJ-BC + JJ-BF, TC, TC-H

The largest category from G & G, with numerous models and ranges for the most diverse applications and usage requirements.
Scales of this category start with readings of 0.001g and end with a measuring range of 30kg.

Series: JJ-BC, JJ-BF

Professional laboratory balances with resolutions ranging from 0,1 mg to 10 mg.
Force compensation sensor with external or internal adjustment.

Platform scale is the term for all scales where the weighing surface is separated from the display or can be separated, designed for bulky objects that are bigger than the actual scale.
We offer those scales in a wide spread of varioutions, starting at very accurate versions of 8kg/0,1g up to scales 600kg and 0,1kg-steps, also bench scales with a display on a high mount are available.

Series: ES, TC-KSB
Dust & Waterproof Scales for reliable daily use in kitchens, restaurants and other wet or dirty environments

Series:  TJ, TJ-KY

Counting scales like our TJ make it possible to quickly and easily handle large quantities of items of equal weight, for example for counting your stock inventory or if you daily pack e.g. packs 100 screws.
The three displays simultaneously display the unit weight, the number of all resting objects and the total weight on the platform.