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Tuesday, 04 October 2022


EY Series

The EY series consists of 20 scales and ranges from 0.001g to 30kg, our series with the biggest weight range and the most models.
You can find the technical details in the data sheet under the following link:

Download Flyer / Data sheet

For better distinction, we have divided the scale into four general price categories:

Already the scales with the basic equipment of the EY-Basic already have all the important components such as the height-adjustable feet, battery and mains operation, RS232 interface, and the setting menue where you can change the operating parameters (sensitivity or the time for automatic switch-off). You can recognize these versions by the "A" at the end of the model name.
The measuring range includes up to 6000 readability steps. This means e.g. 6000g with 1g readability on the E6000YA. or up to max. 3000g with 0.5g



In the normal price range we offer scales with 60,000 readability steps..
This scales measure the same weight 10 times more accurate than the basic version, compared to the scale with the same measuring range (For example: E6000Y with 6000g/0,1g, instead of just 6000g/1g at E6000YA).
In addition, an adjusting level is installed on this scale, and a plastic windscreen is included in the scope of delivery of the 0.01g scales.


The third option is the extended version of the scale. This is technically the normal model but has been used e.g. the small plastic windscreen with a nice and larger glass windscreen (on all sides) replaced. Both side windows and the roof can be pushed backwards.
You will recognize the scales by a "C" at the end of the model name.

In the extended version we also can offer the scales with an even finer load cell (up to 300,000 measuring steps, recognizable by a "B" at the end of the model description). We can also offer the scale with 300g / 0,001g or 3,000g / 0,01g.

The fourth option is our E-KY Series, a scale with a big 30*22 cm weighing surface, exacly the size of a A4 paper. The weighing range can be choosen between 3kg / 0,1g or 30kg / 1g
This makes the scale perfect in offices for letters or small parcels like poly mailers or padded envelopes, when no big plateframe scale is required.
This scale uses an internal rechargeable 4,5Ah Battery for mobile operations, that can be charged while being used with the main power adaptor.




The EY is designed for mobile operations when not always a main power supply is ensured. Just start the scale by normal AA Battery or by the internal battery (E-KY).
The leightweight case allows easy carrying, also at the most precise models the big wind shield can easily removed withhin minutes.

But: This plastic case can not provide good cover against electronic or electromagnetig shielding. Also, it is not as solid and stand save as a scale with a heavy metal housing.
The EY is in the same range as a comparable E-Series and just insignificantly cheaper than a comparable scale in JJ-A or JJ-B (or at E-KY: TC Series), in which you have a much better shielding against bad environment conditions. If you do not plan to use the scale mobile, but always in your laboratory, workshop or another place where you have a power plug near the scale, we recommend to use one of the named alternatives.