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Saturday, 19 June 2021


JJ Series

Today, many customers describe the JJ-Scale as "vintage style", but the design has infact been unchanged for decades. The JJ series is G&G's oldest model that still is in production and highly valued for its reliability, expecially from regular customers who would never buy anything else.
Since the production start in which the robust housing in a dark design, the base of cast aluminum, a display with the striking bright blue-green VFD display (The last G&G series in which this is used), power supply by IEC connector to 230V (including changeable device protection fuse), internal regulated transformer and a strain gauge load cell with mechanical overload protection.

Classic, proven technology that helps our JJ to achieve the lowest failure rate of all G&G scales (in 0.01 g range).

The measuring technology (load cell and the electronic that calculates the actual weight from the measurement signal), has of course continuously been developed and improved, it still is up to date.





* On request also available as:

Modell JJ100 JJ300 JJ600 JJ5000
Measurement (max) 110 g 300 g 600 g 5000 g
Readout 0,01 g 0,01 g 0,01 g 0,1 g
Reproducibility ± 0,01 g ± 0,01 g ± 0,01 g ± 0,1 g
Linearity ± 0,02 g ± 0,02 g ± 0,02 g ± 0,2 g
Tara-Range 110 g 300 g 600 g 5000 g
Required calibration weight 100 g 200 g 500 g 5000 g
Weighing plate Φ 135 mm Φ 135 mm Φ 135 mm 190 x 160 mm
Required Minimum weight 5 d 5 d 5 d 5 d
Stability time < 2 s < 2 s < 2 s < 3 s